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Innovative canon ink cartridges

January 25, 2002

Innovative canon ink cartridges

By: Kristen McCarthy
Website: http://www.1st-free-printer-cartridge.com

Canon ink cartridges are physically and chemically tested to determine clarity, brightness, water resistance, and light endurance. Canon ink cartridges are well known for there high quality inkjet and laser printer supplies, as well as innovative technology.

Canon ink cartridges stem from a company which consistently redefines image technology. Canon has changed the way images and text are put to paper. Canon’s laser beam printer technology has propelled forward, both color and black and white printing standards. Canon’s technology can be found in over 80% of the world’s laser printers.

Canon ink cartridges are tested against a standard series of both physical and chemical tests. Good ink standards include that cartridges are compatible with the original ink, and compatible and safe for the printer. Tests include spectroscopic analysis, pH tests, viscosity, electro-conductivity, surface tension, and drying and aging tests.

To ensure the purity and fineness of the ink particles, canon ink cartridges are dust reduced and finely filtered. Canon ink can be found in brand new cartridges, or in ink refill kits available for some cartridges without ink tanks.

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Kristen McCarthy is a successful author and publisher of http://www.1st-free-printer-cartridge.com, a complete source for canon ink cartridges and other ink and inkjet cartridge supplies for printers.

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