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Learn more about printer ink

February 3, 2002

Learn more about printer ink

By: Kristen McCarthy

Printer ink is vitally important to the production of quality image results. Printers can produce excellent quality images, with the use of proper printer ink.

Printer ink comes in a varying range of type, quality, colour and definition. Toners (specialised ink) are a dry, powdery substance that is electrically charged so that it adheres to a drum, plate, or a piece of paper. Good ink are physically and chemically tested to determine clarity, brightness, water resistance, light endurance and are finely filtered.

The secret to printer ink is in the chemistry and ink formulas. Research provides advancements in ink pigments, qualities of lightfastness, and waterfastness, and suitability for printing on a wide variety of media. Today’s ink use dyes, based on small molecules, for the cyan, magenta and yellow inks.

Depending on the type of printer your using, printer ink can provide high brilliance and a wide color gamut. Browse online to compare the best deals on printer ink cartridges.

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