HP printer cartrdiges: By choosing remanufactured HP printer cartridges you save money and save our enviornment

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HP printer cartridges - save money and your environment

September 20, 2002

HP printer cartridges - save money and your environment

By: Monica Foth
Website: http://www.inkjet-cartridge-cafe.com

When you purchase remanufactured HP printer cartridges, you save money while helping the environment. These HP printer cartridges have been used at least once, then disassembled, cleaned, had worn parts replaced and then filled with toner.

Just to give you an idea on a bit of the history of HP printer cartridges and others that have been remanufactured, toner cartridges are purchased under a contract developed in collaboration with local vendors and maintained by the Environmental Purchasing Program since 1991. Cartridges under this contract must meet original equipment manufacturer’s standards (OEM) and provide full performance guarantees. Cartridges which are ‘spent’, are remanufactured and all components are recycled when their useful life is over. This reduces the landfill disposal of hazardous material. The current contract has increased the number of recyclable items significantly, including inkjet cartridge, fax and toner cartridges, all at considerable cost savings.

The next time you need new HP printer cartridges, why not consider a remanufactured one and help save our earth?

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About The Author:

Monica Foth is a successful author and publisher of http://www.inkjet-cartridge-cafe.com, a complete source for HP Printer Cartridges and other ink and inkjet cartridge supplies for printers.

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