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Inkjet printers - how do they work?

February 10, 2005

Inkjet printers - how do they work?

By: Monica Foth

Have you ever wondered how inkjet printers work? If you are like most of the population you probably never gave it a second thought. Well, we are about to change your knowledge of inkjet printers.

Basically what it is, the inkjet printers place very tiny droplets of ink onto paper which creates the image. These dots are usually between fifty and sixty microns in diameter and when they are placed close together can produce images of the finest quality. The various colors combined together create photo quality images that are comparable to any professionally photo developed prints. Over the years, inkjet printers have dropped significantly in price and at the same time grown in popularity due to their performance.

Color inkjet printers deliver the most cost effective and impressive results in affordable printing. Today's printers are faster, better and less expensive than they were a few years ago. With so many good quality printers on the market to choose from it is hard to be disappointed when you do find the printers of your choice.

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